About Us


The three generations of Modern Dry Cleaners began with L.R. Witt, who, with his wife Mary, and their six children, picked up everything and moved from Saluda to Anderson, SC in 1928. The first location was in Downtown Anderson on Benson Street. The whole family worked hard, and the business took off and began to prosper. After World War II, L.R. and Mary’s son, Willie, took over the business. The word had spread of the quality work that Modern Cleaners performed and another location on Whitehall Road was soon added to allow for easier pick-up and delivery as well as storage. In 1982, Willie and his wife Rachel’s son, Michael, began running the business. In 1989, a new state-of-the-art facility was built on Cinema Avenue to accomodate the still growing business. Modern Dry Cleaners continues to be a leader in the dry cleaning business with exceptional skill and experience in taking care of and cleaning the citizens’ of Anderson and the surrounding communities clothing.


Michael Witt

Willie Witt